‘Cupcake Crook’ caught on camera breaking into popular Nashville bakery


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A “cupcake crook” was caught on camera breaking into a popular Nashville cupcake shop in Germantown Saturday morning.

It happened just before 1 a.m. at the Cupcake Collection on 6th Street. The owner thinks the man was looking for a midnight snack.

Surveillance video shows the man barefoot and shirtless, repeatedly trying to break into the shop for several minutes, eventually throwing a plant through the glass in the door. He attempts to go through the broken glass and falls over. He gets up, walks around scratching his head, and then goes in through the broken glass.

Owner Mignon Francois took to social media to share the story.

“Somebody decided that they wanted cupcakes really bad and decided to remodel my front end in order to get them,” Francois said.

The shop’s publicist tells News 2 the man appeared extremely intoxicated in the videos, rummaging from cupboard to cupboard.

“I think he was cupcake hungry at the time, because he kept looking through the cupboards of where our cupcakes were,” Monchiere Holmes-Jones said, “We were able to see everywhere he went throughout the bakery, basically just out of his mind, not trashing as much as he was just fumbling all over.”

He eventually falls asleep on the floor.

Police, alerted by an alarm, found the sleeping man inside and transported him to hospital, unfortunately for him, without any cupcakes.

“Yeah there were no cupcakes, we make it fresh daily,” said Holmes-Jones.

A broken door and some shattered glass, but even through the mess, the cupcake shop still finds the positive through faith.

We don’t know God’s thoughts, and we don’t know his ways, but he promises that he will never leave us nor forsake us,” Francois said on her social media post, “So just watch God get ready to do something amazing in the midst of all of this.”

Holmes-Jones says the man did get stitches and was charged with breaking and entering.

The shop will be open Sunday, also selling cupcakes through the Local Distro.

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