Criminal investigation underway into who killed Coco the dog in Old Hickory

A family dog was killed in Old Hickory Monday and investigators want to know who did it and why. 

A 15-year-old pitbull named Coco was found dead on Monday.  When investigators arrived at the scene on Merrick Road, they discovered the dog dead from what looked like a stomach wound, likely from a knife. 

Ashley Harrington at Metro Animal Care and Control calls it a heinous act. 

"We have had some pretty serious calls in the past but nothing this deliberate," she said. "We need to get both sides of the story if we’re able to talk to the individual that did commit this act."

Neighbors believe Coco was lured to the location with food. 

Coco's owner is searching for information and answers.  

Anyone who knows what happened is urged to call Metro Animal Control.


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