Worker robbed at gunpoint feels impact of Nashville crime trend

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Today’s Nashville looks a lot different than the Music City of 5 years ago, and so too does the crime. 

But a quick look at the numbers shows mixed crime trends. 

John Goodwin and crew were ready to work on air units at Sheffield Heights apartments Wednesday morning when a stranger approached. 

“Standing in the back of my box truck and he just rolled up on us,” said John, Allstar HVAC Manager. “Had a [handgun] with an extended magazine, and was like give me your money! I thought he was joking at first.”

John initially said no, but the gunman insisted. 

“First time I’ve been robbed at gunpoint,” he said. “You know at first I really wasn’t that scared, but I’m more scared afterward knowing what could’ve happened.”

New numbers released by Metro Police show, as the skyline has changed in Music City and buildings have risen, so too has crime. 

Robberies are up 58% to date this year, compared to five years ago, while auto-theft is up a staggering 280%. 

“I think that violence begets violence. That guy, he could’ve killed me,” noted John. “We threw our wallets down, he took the money and he ran off.”

A silver lining for John and crew is that nobody was injured, and the gunman made away with only a few hundred dollars, along with their wallets. 

“People should be able to work, and live, and have a right to live without being threatened,” said John. “Or put into a situation they can be hurt, or have to hurt somebody else.”

Silver lining for Nashville? Those crimes seem to have dropped as of late. 

When compared to this same point last year, robbery has dropped 15%, and auto theft has dropped 9%. 

Metro Police are investigating the robbery. 

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