A team of thieves was caught on camera stealing thousands of dollars worth of Christmas trees and decor from a Nashville mom-and-pop shop. 

‘Tis the season for last minute Christmas tree shopping. 

In Old Hickory, many stop by ‘It’s Always Something’, where Christmas decor can be found on every shelf. 

The shop now though, is nearly 30 trees short. 

“It was a beautiful Sunday, expecting Santa Claus and live music on the lot,” explained Teresa Green, business owner. “Came in found out we had been robbed.”

In true Grinch fashion, her shop had been burgled blind. 

“Decorations, Christmas light up blow molds, stacks of wreaths, garlands, bows, cases of lights, pricing signs,” Green said. “Anything that they could grab immediately from outdoors, they loaded and took.”

Though this was a team effort, surveillance cameras would capture only one person. 

After realizing she was on video, the burglar put pen to paper, writing a quick note that read “Duh you have cameras. I’m trying to give my twin boys a real Christmas.”

She and the crew went on to steal more $8,000 worth of items. 

“[She wrote] a couple not so good words, and signed it ‘Single Mother’,” Green added. “I’ve never had that many Christmas trees in my home. I think that’s outrageous.”

After weeks of waiting, a break in the case would come Thursday morning. 

Police had arrested Ashley Taylor, linking her to the burglary, after she left two children locked in a car earlier in December outside of a Dollar Tree. 

Metro would find that Taylor’s red Ford Focus reportedly matched the burglary suspect’s car seen in surveillance at ‘It’s Always Something.’

Ashley Taylor now faces a charge of theft of merchandise, greater than $2500 but less than $10-thousand.  

Though Teresa’s trees are likely long gone, she hopes to send a message this holiday season.

“I make sure I give enough Christmas trees every year to those who are in need,” she said. “I would’ve done the same for her, she did not have to steal from me.”