NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Metro police have made two arrests after a shooting in an alleyway left a man injured in East Nashville.

You may remember Metro police released this surveillance video from an alleyway behind 2503 Gallatin Pike showing the shooting.

Police say Jayden McKithen, 20, and Roniesha Gee, 20, are being charged in the case. Detectives said conversations between the victim and surveillance video showed Gee set up to meet the victim in the alleyway.

(Mug courtesy MNPD)

Police said surveillance video showed her on her phone confirming her location with the victim which is timestamped. Officers reported that before the shooting happened, Gee and McKithen are seen talking.

McKithen then hides between parked vehicles and waits until the victim slows down in their car to meet with Gee. Then there was a barrage of gunfire from McKithen towards the victim.

Jayden McKithen (Mug courtesy MNPD)

Police were dispatched to a home on McClurkan Avenue, which is just a couple of minutes’ drive from where the shooting happened. That’s where they found the victim who was shot multiple times.

Police say the victim was in critical condition at the time, but he is now expected to survive.

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During the shooting, students and staff from Lincoln Tech were taking a break from class on Gallatin Avenue. They ran for shelter as shots rang out.

A stray bullet entered a nearby building and hit an oxygen tank, causing it to explode. One student received lacerations to his face, neck and legs from the exploding tank, but he was treated by medics at the scene.

Gee is now charged with attempted criminal homicide with a bond is set at $1 million.

McKithen is also facing an attempted murder charge with a bond set at $750,000.