Woman arrested for allegedly robbing Gallatin convenience store

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It was a good start to the day for Gallatin police as quick-thinking officers solved an armed robbery moments after the crime went down.   

The perpetrator? A 36-year-old woman who police say was wielding a pink .25 caliber handgun. 

Early Wednesday morning around 5 a.m. Gallatin police say a masked bandit entered the Sudden Service store on Airport Road in Gallatin.  

The bandit was a woman and clerks say she was carrying a pink .25 caliber pistol. Surveillance video shows her grabbing the money and fleeing. 

Officer Bill Storment with Gallatin police says female armed robbers are unusual. 

“It is rare. In my 36-year career, I have seldom seen a robbery where the suspect was a female,” said Officer Storment. 

A few minutes later, Gallatin police saturated the area in a neighborhood near the store. 

Officer Anthony Rizo is one of several officers canvassing the area and getting help from residents, one of whom sees the woman hiding in a breezeway.  

Moments later, body cam shows the arrest of Satoa Taylor who is hiding in the shadows. 

“It can be stressful. Until you make sure you have secured her and know where her hands are.” 

When the officers asked the 36-year-old where the gun is, she denies having one, claiming she was only carrying crack cocaine, which she claims she threw away when police entered the area. 

“No, I said dope and I said I tossed it over there. I never said anything about a gun, I never had one,” she says.  

As the officers walked Taylor to the squad car, she told them this: 

“Please be careful I’m pregnant, not trying to run from nobody.” 

Back at the station, Taylor is searched and cash that police say is from the robbery is logged into evidence.  

“Officers did a very good job, patrolling the area and following up on leads,” said Storment. 

Taylor is in the Sumner County Jail, charged with two counts of armed robbery and theft under $500.  

Detectives told News 2 other agencies are already inquiring about this case, which may match crimes in nearby jurisdictions.  

And that gun that Taylor denied having? It was found not far from where she was hiding.

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