FAIRVIEW, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Williamson County K-9 is being credited for helping find a domestic violence suspect who damaged a Fairview police car while escaping.

It happened late Saturday night in Fairview. That’s where officers respond to a domestic call involving 35-year-old Terrance Kilpatrick of Jackson, Tenn.

When officers showed up, investigators said, Kilpatrick fled the scene, smashing his car into the front end of a Fairview police cruiser.

Soon, Williamson County deputies were on scene backing up Fairview officers.

That included Deputy Hayden Smith and K-9 Titus, who searched the suspect’s abandoned car.

It was there that K9 Titus picked up the scent of Kilpatrick before tracking him through the woods.

The dog tugged his handler to a shed behind a resident’s home.

The scent was strong, and officers searched the cluttered structure but found nothing.

But the dog was persistent, continually scratching at the wooden structure indicating that the suspect was inside.

That’s when Deputy Smith suggested a second look.

“That dog has such great smell. He’s like, ‘hey I’m doing my job, he is in there. Now, you guys do yours,'” Chief Deputy Mark Elrod said.

With the urging of K-9 Titus, officers rechecked the shed, and this time, the domestic violence suspect was located in a loft hiding behind some boxes.

On the bodycam video, deputies could be heard ordering the suspect to surrender peacefully.

“Show me your hands. Do you have a gun on you?” deputies ordered.

Kilpatrick indicated he was not armed.

As the Jackson man came down from the nearly eight-foot loft, he fell.

He can be heard yelling in pain.

Meanwhile, the K-9 team, just outside the shed were celebrating a track well done.

“Fortunately, when the officers went in the first time, the suspect was hiding, and nothing bad happened to them,” Chief Deputy Elrod said. “He’s a guy hiding, trying to keep from going to jail. But it could’ve been much worse.”

Elrod indicated that no weapons were found.

According to the Williamson County Jail, Kilpatrick was charged with evading arrest, vandalism, aggravated assault and driving on a revoked license.

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According to the THP, Kilpatrick is charged with DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to exercise due care, failure to maintain lane and driving on a suspended license.

His bond is $176,000.

Fairview police say the damage to the police car is minor.