WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A theft ring has swooped across Williamson County in recent days, smashing car windows and making off with valuables.

Officers are warning anyone going to a dog park, walking trail, or parking lot to be careful and make sure they have secured valuables before arriving. According to Spring Hill police, officers worked four smash and grab car burglaries on January 2 and January 5.

Three of the broken windows were at the Jerry Erwin Park. One break-in took place in the post office parking lot.

Police say the bandits are likely members of the ‘Felony Lane Gang.’

This group of thieves, from Florida, is called Felony Lane because when they steal checks from victims, they often wear disguises and then go to the farthest lane of the drive through at the victim’s local bank to cash those stolen checks. The teller has trouble seeing the cars in the farthest lane, hence the nickname; ‘Felony Lane Gang.’

“Well, they bring up rental cars, and they come up in groups and fan out into different areas, targeting public places like dog parks, parks, gyms, daycares,” Spring Hill Detective Mike Foster tells News 2, “They specifically target purses and cars that are in plain view. They are looking for driver’s licenses, credit cards, checks. Right off the bat, they go to a store and rack up a credit card debt, or they go to a bank and pretend to be you. They have various wigs. If you are blond, they have a blonde wig attempting to assume your identity.”

News 2 checked with Williamson County law enforcement agencies and found that thieves believed to be with the ‘Felony Lane Gang’ struck more than a dozen times in the last week or so.

Sheriff Dusty Rhoades with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department says his detectives are working two incidents; one at the Cecil Lewis Park behind Trinity Elementary and one at the dog park across from Mars Pet Care in Thompson’s Station.

Brentwood Police also report two smash and grabs occurred on December 29 at River Park on Concord near the YMCA.

Franklin Police report half a dozen smash and grabs at fitness centers and dog parks.

“The target is almost always a purse left behind by someone going on a walk, into a dog park with their dog or in the gym,” Lt. Charles Warner of Franklin PD tells News 2.

Nolensville Police Chief Roddy Parker tells News 2 his detectives are working two smash and grab incidents that took place this past Tuesday.

Det. Foster says secure your valuables before you arrive at your destination, “Because they will surveil these areas. They are watching you. They watch if you get out and try and hide things. They do some good surveillance.”

Foster says the gang has also been stealing license plates as of late to try and make their rental cars look like they are from the area.