Westmoreland slayings suspect Michael Cummins appears in court

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Michael Cummings court

SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Michael Cummins stands accused of killing eight people last month in Westmoreland, and today he made his first appearance at the Sumner County General Sessions Courthouse. On hand were some of the family members that lost loved ones on that horrific night.

Sitting in silence as he was wheeled into the courtroom, Michael Cummins came face-to-face with some of the family members of those he is accused of killing. 

“The moment they wheeled him into the courtroom I wished for him to die,” said Steve McGlothlin, one of the family members present in the courtroom on Wednesday. 

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McGlothlin was so emotional during the hearing, he yelled out in anger and was removed from the courtroom as a TBI agent described how his 12-year-old niece was found dead.

​”A little hard to take. A little hard to take,” McGlothlin told News 2. “It was bad enough — the description of everything else — but with that, it was just, I couldn’t keep quiet no longer.”

Cummins, who is facing seven first-degree murder charges, attempted first-degree murder and theft could be seen rocking back and forth the entire hearing. 

In that hearing, disturbing details were revealed about the night eight people were murdered. 

“I feel Sumner County dropped the ball,” McGlothlin said. “This man should not have been out. He has had an extensive record. They know he is violent. They knew all this.”

The murders happened while Cummins was on probation for aggravated assault and attempted arson.  

News 2’s Brent Ramadna asked Sumner County District Attorney Ray Whitley if Cummins should have been out of jail in the first place. 

“Let me tell you this — there is no sight like 20/20 hindsight, and everyone has 20/20 hindsight right now,” Whitley said. “And if we knew he was going to do this nobody would have allowed him to be out. But all the facts were presented to the judge, and we did not drop the ball. We did what we should have done and it turned out bad sometimes that happens you cannot predict human behavior.”

A man now accused of killing his parents, his uncle and multiple others; and a family left mourning those they loved. 

​”I am still heartbroken — and I have to sit down because I am shaking all over,” said Virgil Knuckles, another family member of the victims. “I am crippled. I am disabled, and now he took the most important thing away from me. My wife, my daughter, and I am really hurt.”

​Cummins’ case was bound over to a grand jury, but a date for that hearing has not been scheduled at this time.

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