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The man accused of shooting and killing a Dickson County Sheriff’s deputy is now in custody. 

Steven Wiggins was arrested Friday morning. In a symbolic gesture, deputies outfitted him with the same handcuffs that belonged to Sgt. Daniel Baker, the man he’s accused of killing.

Saturday officials said Wiggins was being held at the Maximum Correctional Center on Harding Place in Nashville. Wiggins was being housed alone and on medical observation, said officials He is not allowed any visitors.

Community seeks healing after deputy’s tragic death

The Hickman County Sheriff’s Office said Wiggins was caught on Stinson Road in Hickman County, near the Dickson County line, by a trooper with the Tennessee Highway Patrol.  

This is the same area where a woman who is also charged with murder was arrested Wednesday.  

According to officials, Wiggins was booked into the Dickson County Jail and interviewed by authorities.  He was then transferred to the Davidson County Jail, where he will be housed. 

Davidson County Sheriff Daron Hall reached out to Dickson County Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe and offered to house Wiggins.

A source told News 2 that he is being held in Davidson County because, in part, he killed a Dickson County deputy so “they didn’t want to look at him” and that it was the best option for everyone involved. 

The accused killer will be housed in Davidson County’s maximum security jail at the Harding Place facility. 

Once there, Wiggins is expected to undergo medical, mental health, and drug addiction assessments. 

Wiggins spent all day Friday at a local hospital being evaluated by doctors. TBI spokesperson Susan Niland said Wiggins suffered minor injuries that are “consistent with someone who had been out in the elements for a few days.”  

A source told News 2 he was begging for food and water when he was found.  

Officials said he will be charged with first-degree premeditated murder. 

Erika Castro-Miles was arrested Wednesday night and is charged with first-degree murder. 

She is staying at the Dickson County Jail in the women’s pod, the same place where Crystal Daniels, the mother of Joe Clyde Daniels, is being held. 

Sgt. Daniel Baker was shot and killed Wednesday while responding to a report of a suspicious car on Sam Vineyard Road. 

The 10-year veteran leaves behind a wife and daughter. 

“Based upon the evidence and factors in this case the State will be seeking the death penalty for Wiggins. We are asking the defendant be held with no bond,” said District Attorney Ray Crouch.