‘Walkie Talkie Bandits’ strike again, this time at Giles Co. adult store

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Thieves dubbed the “Walkie Talkie bandits” because of how they communicate to stay ahead of law officers have struck again. 

These thieves have eluded area law officers for two years, breaking into almost two dozen businesses by cutting phone lines and disabling security systems. 

This past weekend they did it again, this time at an adult book store in Giles County at exit 6 on I-65. 

“I’m mad as hell. I believe people need to work for what they get, instead of taking what me and you work for,” said Jodi Russell, the store manager at Miranda’s.  

Surveillance video from 4:00 Friday morning showed a masked thief wearing gloves, a backpack and cargo pants. He was carrying a yellow crowbar and police say he cut the phone lines and pulled a metal trash can from behind the business to the front door, where he proceeded to pry open the front door to the adult business.  

“Not sure what I would say. I know what I would like to do to him. Kick him where he wouldn’t get out,” said Jodi.  

Once inside, he disabled an alarm and used the business’ own metal trash can to steal more than a $1,000 in adult products. 

He’s gone in three minutes. Jodi Russell wonders who steals a garbage can full of this type of merchandise 

“I don’t know you tell me.” 

This business burglar is well known to Lt. Shane Hunter of the Giles County Sheriff’s Department. 

 “If you look, you can see he has a yellow crowbar, consistent with previous years,” said Lt. Hunter.  

Dubbed the “Walkie Talkie Bandits”, the group is now connected to close to two-dozen business burglaries from Alabama and across southern Tennessee. 

“They are professional. We’ve been contacted by other agencies, in Tennessee and northern Alabama, who consistently have these same individuals involved in their crimes as well. They are mobile. They don’t stay in an area long. They move city to city and state to state,” said Lt. Hunter.  

Police told News 2 the bandits are coordinated and armed. If you have any information, call the Giles County Sheriff’s Department.

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