VIDEO: Teen crashes car into house after being shot

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SPRINGFIELD, Tenn. (WKRN) – A teen is dead and two others injured after a shooting and car crash in Springfield Wednesday night.

It was a chaotic scene after about a dozen gunshots rang out on Page Street, then a vehicle drove down 16th two blocks, crashing into a home on Shelton.

“You just hear the tires squeal and I just heard like this loud crash, so I’m in shock, and I just realize it was a car in our porch,” Jhanel Dearmond told News 2.

Dearmond and her wife, Alysia Blackburn, just moved into the house on 16th and Shelton and were home when the crash occurred.

“It started smoking,” Dearmond recalled, “there were some people across the street, and then our neighbors came and was trying to help.”

“Everybody was trying to help the young guys out,” Blackburn added.

Three teens were in the car; the women say the driver was stuck and a passenger had a broken leg, so police had to get them out.

“He had a cut on his neck,” Blackburn said when describing the driver.

“That’s what we initially thought; we thought it was the impact from the wreck, we didn’t know it was any gun violence involved,” Dearmond said.

It wasn’t until first responders got the driver out that they noticed he had been shot.

Springfield Police believe the incident was targeted and are still looking into suspects.

As for the couple’s house, their walls are cracked, front door is jammed and the foundation is partly gone, but that’s not what they’re worried about.

“It’s just sad to know that he won’t be able to grow up to live to be our age, with the way that society’s going, kids can’t be kids. It’s sad,” Dearmond said.

“Prayers for the family,” Blackburn added.

If you have any information about this incident, contact the Springfield Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at 615-384-8422.

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