Victim recalls being robbed at gunpoint by dangerous 16-year-old suspect

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A dangerous teen prone to violence, robbery, and carjackings is back on the streets and police have issued an all-points bulletin to find him. 

Police are now looking for David Mays, 16-year-old police say attempted to carjack Brian Redden. When the Uber driver refused to cooperate, police say Mays shot him in the stomach.  

Thankfully, the wound is not considered life-threatening.  

News 2 has learned that the teen has a history of violence and should have never been free to hurt anyone. 

After he pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated robbery, David Mays was sent to Gateway Academy, run by the DCS. He went there for robbing two men on different days at different gas stations in early July 2018. He took their wallets and vehicles at gunpoint. 

Metro police arrested him, and he was behind bars until February.  

Then, for some reason, DCS granted the teen a weekend pass and when he was supposed to return the following Monday, he never did.  

A month later he was identified as the suspect in a failed carjacking where a man was shot.  

In early July 2018, Neil Johnson was robbed by the wanted teen.  

“He needs to go to jail. He needs to go to big boy jail and for a long time and anyone associated with him needs to go to jail,” said Neil.  

The 27-year-old victim says he recognized Mays’ face instantly and he says he remembered what it was like when the teen shoved a gun into his neck. 

“He said give me your keys or I’ll kill you and I wasn’t going to mess with it. I took a step back and handed him my keys. And he said give me your wallet, take it, he sped off and the guy in the other car sped off. He was closer than you and I are standing right now. The gun was a small semi-auto extended mag. When I met with the detective, he told me the gun was fully loaded. ” 

According to the 27-year-old victim, he was relieved when Mays, then 15-years-old, was captured by metro cops. And then he was disgusted when he learned that the offender had been set free. 

“Man, I saw him on the news when metro put it out and it sent a chill thru my body,” said the victim. “Yeah, I thought he was gone till he was 18. I think about it every day. I saw his picture and his name and I said holy cow. It is infuriating. I felt unfulfilled. I think the system is corrupt. I don’t think it is right and I don’t like the way they handle these young kids. I think if it was anyone over 18 that guy would be in jail.” 

So now, this 16-year-old who should’ve been in custody is missing and his whereabouts are unknown. If you see this young man you are urged to call the police.  

Thursday, DCS sent this statement:  “The department will review the home pass policy and make any necessary changes. ensuring the safety of the community is of prime importance to the department.”  

When asked if they had anything new to add Friday, a spokeswoman said the agency did not. 

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