Undercover operation yields drugs, money, and multiple arrests in Lawrence Co.

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – There were some tense moments for members of the 22nd Judicial Drug Task Force, Lawrence County sheriff’s deputies, and Lawrenceburg police officers this past Monday.

An undercover drug deal with known drug suspects took a sudden and unexpected turn.

“This dealer is what we call a mid-level dealer in our county,” said Lawrence County Sheriff John Myers.

Lawrence County Sheriff John Myers says meth is the number one problem in his county.

“Meth is the devil. It is tearing our county apart.”

To combat this poison, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department routinely goes undercover to buy drugs from known drug suspects.

“Our bread and butter is our undercover. They are not expecting it. It is effective, it works, but it is dangerous,” said Meyers.

Monday afternoon Lawrence County sheriff’s investigators, Lawrenceburg police and drug agents with the 22nd Judicial Drug Task Force were undercover buying meth from known drug suspect David Jackson.

The 37-year-old gets the money then goes to a Chevy Tahoe to get the drugs.

Investigators say 21-year-old Chandler Pigg and 28-year-old Haley Thompson were in the vehicle and one of them identified the narcotics officer as a cop.

For some reason, Jackson returns to the undercover car. He begins to argue with the confidential informant and the Narcotics agent.

On bodycam, you can hear the task force member call for back up. Then that undercover agent jumps out of the car and initiates the takedown on Jackson.

Meanwhile, the Tahoe speeds away. There is a quick chase, but it is quickly stopped. Pigg and Thompson are arrested.

Agents seized more than $1,300 in cash and more than two ounces of meth. The sheriff says some of the drugs are found on the female suspect’s person when she was being booked into jail.

The sheriff admits this is a dangerous job but the end result is worth the risk.

“Definitely. We were lucky this time that we had some top-notch guys in place, down the road. They were heavily armed, and they’ve been doing this a while. They know their business.”

All three suspects were arrested and charged with a variety of felonies that include possession of meth for resale and evading arrest.

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