SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — Spring Hill police are asking for the public’s help after a targeted crime took place in broad daylight.

It unfolded Wednesday, March 29, around 3:30 p.m. That’s when a Spring Hill man pulled into a Port Royal neighborhood shopping center.

Within seconds of exiting his car, a silver Jeep Compass backed in beside his car.

Over the next few minutes, surveillance video shows the passenger scoping out the car, then breaking the glass, and finally, diving all the way inside the car to steal an envelope full of cash.

The victim returned to his car only to find a broken window and his money missing from the center console.

Spring Hill police arrived and looked for fingerprints, but none were found.

According to investigators, the suspects probably watched the victim withdraw cash at a bank ATM in Franklin. The crooks then followed him all the way to Spring Hill where they committed their crime.

Lt. Mike Foster said there’s little you can do to protect yourself from this.

“Yeah, this is a crime of opportunity. All you can do is when you leave the bank, make a couple of right turns, see if the same vehicle is following you, and if not, be on your way, but it’s not something we are not usually hyper-sensitive to every day,” Foster said. “We usually go to the bank, get the money, and no big deal, but there’s always a chance, be it a small chance that something like this could happen.”

Police say the group is quite possibly part of an organized crime group.

If you have any info, contact the Spring Hill Police Department at 931-486-2252.