Thief uses sledgehammer to break into Nashville bar, steals $1,000

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NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) — A bizarre break-in happened at Pecker’s Bar and Grill last week.

When co-owner, Mike Brown, arrived to work Thursday he found a huge hole on the back wall of his restaurant.

“When I walked in the door I had noticed that our liquor room was open and I could see a huge hole in the wall,” Brown said.

Security footage shows a man using a sledgehammer to bust an opening in the wall that aligns with a storage shed on Pecker’s patio.

“He had taken a sledgehammer and gotten through the shed on our patio and had knocked a hole in the wall and got inside. And if that wasn’t enough, then he took the sledgehammer and tried to knock a hole in another wall,” Brown said.

According to Brown, the thief left all the bottles of booze but took off with a thousand dollars in cash.

“This guy was a pro,” Brown said. “Obviously this is not his first time.”

Now Pecker’s is repairing broken door knobs, busted dry wall, and a dismantled fence. In total, Brown estimates the crook did about four to five thousand dollars worth of damage.

“We’ve been closed for like 150 days because of COVID and then this on top of everything else. It’s just, I don’t know. We’re trying to hang in there and do the best we can and just roll with the punches,” Brown said.

The thief was wearing gloves, a mask, and a hoodie at the time of the burglary, which Brown says will make him hard to identify. But, the co-owner thinks it could be a former customer who knew the layout of the building.

“Unfortunately we believe that he has been in our bar. He knew exactly where our money was in the office,” said Brown.

Pecker’s is offering a five hundred dollar reward for information leading to the man’s arrest. If you know anything about the break-in, you can call Metro Police at 615-862-8600.

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