Teen killed in shooting at Wilson County home; Juvenile arrested

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A juvenile has been charged with with the shooting death of a teenager at a home in Wilson County Thursday afternoon. 

Deputies went to the home in the 200 block of NW Clearview Drive after a 911 call came in about 4 p.m. 

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office said the caller said an intruder was trying to break into the home.

The caller said they shot and killed the intruder during the attempted break-in, according to the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office. 

Deputies found a body with at least one gunshot wound. The teen was pronounced dead at the scene.  

They also found several teenagers at the home. Investigators now say there was no burglary as initially reported.  

The suspect was arrested Thursday night and has not been identified other than he was around 17 years old and a student at Mt. Juliet High School.

The investigation is ongoing. 

The principal of Mt. Juliet High School released a statement to parents, which reads:

Ladies and Gentlemen:The Wilson County Sheriff department responded to shots fired at a residence on NW Clearview Drive this afternoon around 4.  When they arrived, there was a victim with gunshot wounds that was believed to be an intruder, multiple juveniles were present and the shooter was present.  There is an ongoing investigation.  The shooter was around the age of 16 and is in custody.  The victim was around 17 and is deceased.  Both are associated either currently or previously with MJHS .   While there are no more details than what I am releasing to you at this time, it is a current, open investigation and as details are released we will pass that along.  Please know that our students will have information and many already do.  We cannot (as a school) identify any of the involved due to their status as a minor and the case not being closed.  This did not involve MJHS, no threat or danger was or is associated with MJHS at any time in this situation.  We were not made aware of the situation until around 7:30 Thursday evening. 

Until information is released, we cannot give any further details, but please know that all counselors are on standby for any student that needs to be seen.  We will also have additional STARS counselors available in the counseling center for the same purpose. If you have students that are in need, please give them a note and send them to the Counseling office.  Administrators will be present in classrooms as needed when names are released.  Please assure your students that we are safe, this situation was not pertaining to the school and at no time was anyone threatened or in danger on our campus grounds.  We will continue to monitor. Please notify an administrator if you have any questions or needs tomorrow.   I am sending information to parents tonight so that they hear from me, and not on social media first. These are hard situations and we sure don’t have any answers for senseless violence or loss of life at this age.  Our hearts go out to the families of both parties.  When we lose one, it always leaves a hole. 

As always, take care of our kiddos…. They need each and every one of us, even when they don’t think they do. 

Thank you all for all you do, each and every day,

Mrs. Rainey

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