Suspects’ family members convince them to surrender after Madison home invasion

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Family members and friends of two suspects coaxed them out of a home in Madison Tuesday after they allegedly forced their way inside during an attempted armed robbery. 

Metro police said four armed suspects invaded the home when a child let a pet outside. They then barricaded themselves inside and wouldn’t come out.  

The family inside, including three children, were able to escape safely.

Over 50 Metro police officers, including the SWAT team, responded to 1120 Florence Avenue and spent over nine hours negotiating with the suspects.  

“We thought we had reached an impasse and we thought we had done everything we could to make contact with the suspects inside,” said Captain Ken Wilburn, with Metro Police Special Operations. “Family members and friends came to the scene on their own accord. They didn’t have to tell us they made contact with people inside, they did that on their own. They came to the scene and helped us out.” 

Police say those family members convinced 30-year-old Maurice Bowers and 37-year-old Torrey Glen to surrender around 2:30 p.m. 

Metro’s SWAT team deployed “distraction devices,” pumped in a chemical agent similar to tear gas and tried to call the remaining suspects themselves to try to get them to surrender. 

Finally, investigators forced their way inside. Metro police said they found Jamarious Jackson in the attic and took him into custody.  

Police did a sweep of the home and a K-9 alerted officers to the ceiling. The SWAT team used a thermal imaging unit and found 28-year-old Brandon Jones stuck in the ceiling under ductwork and insulation.  

Metro police said their SWAT team negotiators have responded to 17 calls for barricaded suspects so far this year. 

“Only two times out of those 17 calls have we had to send our SWAT officers into the home after negotiations break down to take those suspects into custody,” said Captain Wilburn. “Then they’re walking into a situation where someone is at a low point in their life. We don’t know what actions they’re going to take, and it places a lot of people in extreme danger.” 

Metro police say there was drug evidence in the victim’s home, including suspected heroin. 

All four suspects have had multiple run-ins with the law.  

Bowers is a convicted felon. Court documents show he was convicted of burglary. Glen is also a convicted felon. He has been convicted of aggravated robbery in the past.  

Jackson was out on bond for a felony cocaine charge at the time of his arrest, and Jones has robbery and burglary convictions. 

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