SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Sumner County teaching assistant who worked with special needs children was fired and arrested after being accused of stealing a credit card from a teacher in his own classroom.

According to Sumner County investigators, the crime reportedly happened on August 5.

According to the affidavit, 35-year-old Le’Marvin Lofton went into the desk drawer where the special education teacher kept her purse.

The affadavit alleges Lofton, who was hired over the summer, took her credit card from her purse and then went on a five-day spending spree until the teacher realized the card was taken.

According to the affidavit, just after noon on August 5, the teacher and the students left the classroom. The investigator said Lofton was with the class, then stopped and returned to the classroom. He was in the classroom for approximately 30 seconds before leaving.

The now-terminated teaching assistant was seen on video using the stolen credit at Red Carpet Liquors in Gallatin, not far from the school.

The report indicates Lofton purchased $124.48 worth of Grey Goose, Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka, Crown Royal Black and Jose Cuervo Silver tequila.

Over the next five days, the card was used 22 times for a total of $806. The card was used 13 times alone on August 7, including $240 at Tootsie’s in Nashville.

The card was also used at fast food restaurants like Taco Bell and Burger King. Jewelry and clothing was also purchased at Walmart.

When informed of what allegedly happened, Joan Latimer, a shopper at Red Carpet Liquors had this to say.

“I thought it was pretty awful. If you can’t afford it yourself, you don’t take someone’s card to buy it.”

News 2 went to Lofton’s home just a stone’s throw from the middle school where he taught for all of two weeks. No one answered the door when we knocked on it.

“It’s sad,” Latimer said, adding, “teachers don’t make enough anyway. She’ll undoubtedly dispute the charges, but still sad. If it is not yours don’t take it.”

Lofton is charged with theft under $1,000 and fraudulent use of a credit card. Lofton has no prior arrest history in Sumner County or Davidson County.