NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Street racing is an ongoing problem in Davidson County and Metro Nashville Police have made it a priority to crack down on it. The trend is not only dangerous, but it’s also a noise concern.

“It’s the one common complaint that you hear through all communities across all socio-economical areas,” said Michael Gilliland with the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Lt. Gilliland’s department is tasked to watch and track where these speeders are racing off to next.

“They are capable of speeds from 140-150 miles per hour and they get up on these interstates, some of our larger interstates with 5-7 lanes like 65, 24. They are reaching those speeds,” explained Gilliland.

Since last October’s launch of the street racer initiative, Metro police have already made more than 30 drag racing busts.

“It’s more of they’re doing the donuts and the burnouts, and that’s either in an industrial area, parking lot, or an intersection,” said Gilliland.

Gilliland says some areas throughout Nashville are being hit more often, including the Nissan Stadium area, the intersection of Bell Road, Nolensville Pike, the Global Mall Parking lot in Antioch and on Vulcan Drive.

So far this year, police have given out more than 300 citations, some of them leading to guns and drugs being found inside the vehicles. Metro police say many of the racers are coming into Nashville from other areas and sometimes, other states.

“The Nashville scene often goes down to Atlanta and they meet up with the Atlanta folks and then they do their thing and then vice versa. Atlanta comes here,” explained Gilliland. “Nashville goes to Memphis, Memphis comes here. They like Nashville. There are some large areas for them to gather, and worst-case scenario, they end up downtown.”

“I do hear it, and it is a problem and they could hit some innocent person going down the road. That’s the thing,” said Cindy Lee, one of the owners of Fastener South Bolt and Screw.

Lee says she’s been working on Vulcan Drive for the past three years, but recently she’s been seeing a dangerous change.

“It sounds like a bomb going off sometimes. There are several of them and they are in the parking lot over there when everything’s closed at about 5 or 6, and they are just going round and round and round,” explained Lee.

Other high-volume areas Metro police are monitoring:

  • Mufreesboroo Road
  • Harding Place
  • Corporate Plcae
  • Blue Hole Road
  • Interstate 24
  • Franklin Pike
  • Owendale Drive