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Smooth talking scam suspect arrested, facing charges in 3 counties

Authorities say the arrest of an ex-con has led to the recovery of multiple stolen vehicles and cases solved.  

Law officers told News 2 the man has been writing fake cashier’s checks for tens of thousands of dollars, with victims from Williamson to Wilson to Davidson counties and beyond.  

Kelly Bauman was one of those victims. This past July the Nolensville man said he decided to sell his 2008 Augusta motorcycle – a rare bike that he said he had stopped riding in recent years.  

“It’s a boutique Italian brand,” Bauman explained. They made 300 of the year model I have.”  

A man, now identified as Trivillus Harris, allegedly answered the ad and the two men talked back and forth for several months.  

“I felt comfortable after several months talking to this gentleman,” explained Bauman.  

Bauman described the ex-con, who is wanted in multiple states and across Middle Tennessee, as smooth and knows his stuff.  

“He showed up at my home on a Ducati motorcycle when he first came to look at the bike,” he recalled. “It was a nice Italian motorcycle, so he talked a good game.”  

Bauman said he and Harris bonded right away, adding that was part of Harris’ game.  

Bauman said he ultimately accepted a cashier’s check for $10,300 from Harris. The 52-year-old man said the Regions cashier’s check looked authentic and his bank even accepted it.  

Around the same time, Bauman was ripped off, Franklin police developed Harris as a suspect in the theft of a $12,000 Ducati motorcycle.  

During that transaction, the victim, who lives in Franklin, took a video of Harris that helped authorities crack the case.  

Also, around the same time, Wilson County authorities developed Harris as the prime suspect in the theft of a Porsche valued at just under $22,000.  

According to detectives, the Mt. Juliet victim only realized it was a scam when officers came to his house to inform him that a car registered to him had hit a tree and the driver had fled the scene.  

In that report, the victim described Harris as “very smooth” and drove up in a new Mercedes SUV, talking about buying the vehicle as a birthday present for his wife, who is a doctor.  

On Oct. 29, Montgomery County deputies reportedly caught him trying to scam a man out of a trailer. In that case, the would-be victim was suspicious of Harris and called the sheriff’s department.  

That then led investigators to a Nashville location where they reportedly discovered two stolen Ducatis, a stolen Audi 5Q and a 2008 Dodge pickup. They also reportedly found preprinted cashier’s checks and titles to stolen motorcycles and other vehicles.  

“I feel that I have some closure that he is caught and nobody else will be scammed by this individual. It’s a shame he is not putting forth those efforts to something to contribute to society because he talks a very good game and unfortunately, he is doing it for the wrong reasons,” Bauman said.  

Harris is jailed in Montgomery County under a $350,000 bond.  

News 2 has learned he is facing charges in Wilson, Williamson, and Davidson counties.  Plus he's wanted in Missouri, Virginia and Florida.

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