Smash and grab bandits strike in Williamson County

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WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Nolensville Police and Williamson County deputies are on the lookout for brazen car burglars who smash glass, steal handbags, and immediately head to the nearest ATM or convenience store, attempting to pull cash off a stolen credit card before it is called in as stolen.

It happened to a woman Monday night at Nolensville Park in a crowded parking lot during a sporting event. Police said the thieves were watching and when they saw a woman exit her car without a purse, they assumed she left it in the car and they broke out the window and stole her credit cards.

On bodycam, you can hear the officer explaining to the victim how the thieves operate.

“They come and look inside the vehicle, to see if there’s anything of value. They’ll probably bust a window out. Probably be like a hole, one of those little punchers. They don’t even open
the door. They just reach in and grab it.”

“We don’t have the evidence to prove this, but I think our suspects are looking for women getting out of the car without a purse. Women normally have their purses on them. They see a woman get out of a car without a purse, they know there is a high probability there’s a purse inside,” said Nolensville Assistant Chief Michael Terns.

According to Nolensville Police, one of the car burglars attempted to use that stolen credit card at a Nashville store.

Video of the young man shows him wearing a camouflage mask to match his camouflage pants.

“They break into the vehicles, get the purse, they know there’s a short time frame in which they’ll call the police and cancel credit cards. They immediately go from the location of the crime and go to a place where they can use the credit card very quickly,” added Terns.

Williamson County investigators confirm to News 2 that the very next day, bandits matching this description struck in Thompson Station at the dog park. Detectives said once again they broke a car window, stole a credit card and went right to a Kroger to try and use that card.

News 2 has obtained surveillance that police say shows the two smash and grab bandits leaving the First Citizens Bank Wednesday around 1:40 p.m. Strangely, police said the bandits asked bank tellers for gloves before using the ATM.

Bank employees tell investigators they found that to be an odd request. Surveillance shows the thieves getting into a small silver car and driving away.

If you have any information on this case, you are urged to contact Nolensville Police at (615) 776-3640 or the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office at (615) 790-5560.

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