‘Sloppy’ smash-and-grabber steals cigarettes, leaves money in Cheatham Co. store

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Sheriff’s departments from Dickson to Cheatham are on the lookout tonight for a smash and grab bandit who detectives say has done this so many times, its become commonplace, and he is getting sloppy. 

The crime was caught on camera early Sunday morning. 

A white Ford SUV pulls up to CK’s Country Store on Highway 12. A masked man gets out, and he’s carrying his own rock.

“Yes, sir. That is unusual,” said Det. Kenny Miller of the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department. “There are rocks around. This is Cheatham County –there are rocks everywhere.”

Video shows the man launch the large rock through the glass of the front door. Detectives say they recovered the rock but were not able to get any prints from it. 

The suspect goes right for the cigarettes behind the counter. Video shows him dropping almost as many as he steals

Again, Miller says he is sloppy touching multiple packs without any gloves.

“He doesn’t have gloves on,” Miller told News 2. “He is grabbing and dropping packs of Newport cigarettes. “

While waiting for his ride to return, the suspect inexplicably pulls down his mask, revealing his face to multiple surveillance cameras. Detectives say this is sloppy. 

“That tells me he has done this before,” Miller said. “Like, ‘hey, this is my job. I am used to this.”

The alarm soon summons Cheatham County deputies, who arrive to find broken glass and uncertainty. 

On body camera footage, you hear the arriving deputy say “10-4. We got a front door shattered.”

Deputy Tashia Biggs is the first on the scene. She waits for back up, and then the law officers enter the store with guns drawn, cautiously. 

After a few minutes, the deputies realize, the bandits are gone.

“All I can see right now missing is Newport cigarettes,” an officer says. “There are rolls of change still here.”

“Seems like he has done this so often, he has become complacent,” Miller explained. “He is confident in [his] ability to get away with this, and perhaps, he has done it enough to think, ‘I’m good at it and I won’t get caught.'”

Miller says other jurisdictions including Dickson County are seeking this suspect for similar crimes. If you recognize the man in the video, call the Cheatham or Dickson County Sheriffs’ Offices. 

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