Serial porch pirate suspect faces 4 counts of theft in Gallatin

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Today marks one of the busiest online shopping days of the years as shoppers take advantage of Cyber Monday deals.  

Many of the ordered packages will be delivered to homes and sit on porches for hours, which can be a tempting target for would-be thieves.  

Just last week, a doorbell camera captured a woman – now identified as Julie Gwynn – taking packages from a Gallatin front porch.  

She was charged last Wednesday; the same day police made the video public.  

According to police, when News 2 began airing the footage, Gwynn turned herself into police and allegedly confessed to taking packages from Holly Cunningham’s porch.  

Gwynn threw Cunningham’s package, and several others in the dumpster, according to police.  

“I’m ticked off. I work hard for what I get, and with Christmas coming up, I don’t want my family’s gifts stolen off my front porch,” Cunningham said.  

Police showed News 2 body cam of Gallatin police confronting Gwynn at her home on Thanksgiving Day after detectives found another item they believe is stolen.  

In the footage, a detective is heard saying while holding up a label found in a trash can, “We do not have a report on Sagewood.”  

Another officer responded by saying, “Not yet.” 

In another exchange on camera, Gwynn seemed to acknowledge her part in the recent porch thefts.  

An officer is heard saying, “So, anything we recovered out of the house – the master cylinder – and that is stuff you stole off front porches, right? This and the Christmas tree were delivered to your front porch and you kept it even though you knew it was not yours, right?”  

Gwynn said something unintelligible before the officer said, “Well, you kept the box, and kept what you wanted out of it and threw the rest away.”  

“I’m going to throw the Christmas tree away,” Gwynn responded. “I didn’t want it.”   

On Thanksgiving afternoon a Gallatin officer returned what was left of a victim’s packages.  

“Well, it was the lady your neighbor thought it was,” the officer said. “The good thing is, we got her again. We ended up arresting her yesterday for the same thing, but we arrested her for three more counts of the same thing. She has done this to a lot of people. I do believe her because the one consistent thing she did besides lie was say she threw the rest of the stuff in a dumpster.”  

On Monday, News 2 went to Gwynn’s home for her reaction. A man at the home said she wasn’t there.

Gwynn is currently charged with four counts of theft and three counts of criminal trespassing. The investigation is ongoing. 

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