Roommates alarmed by flat tire vandalism

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Jena Salb and Acie Starling say their cars were vandalized late Saturday night.  

“Why? What makes a person do this?” asked Salb. “Like there’s no personal gain to it.”

All the tires on each of their vehicles had been flattened. 

“All four tires had been damaged, little pinholes or nail-sized holes,” Starling said. 

The roommates were parked in the driveway outside their home on Granada Avenue in East Nashville.

“It’s very violating that somebody just comes where you live and destroys your property for no reason,” Salb said. 

The two say they no longer feel safe.

“What happens next time?” Salb asked. “They could be in our backyard. They could come through the fence.”

Metro police are investigating but have no leads and say they don’t have any reports of any other tires being flattened in the area. 

Jena and Acie say they don’t have any enemies that they know of.

“That’s been everybody’s reaction ‘Well, you made somebody mad,'” Salb said. “It’s like no, I don’t think we did.” 

The two plan on fighting back, stepping up security and asking neighbors to keep watch.

“We’re going to get cameras for sure,” Starling said.

“We’re definitely on high alert,” Salb said.

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