Rideshare driver wounded while pumping gas says he forgives teen who shot him

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Brian Redden has a long road to recovery.  

“The inside of my leg is very swollen,” Redden said. 

His right leg is stiff, and he now uses a cane. 

“I have a lot of swelling, a lot of bruising,” he said.  

Despite the pain, Redden is grateful his life was spared.  

“I’m alive,” he said. “I’m here. I get to move on.” 

Redden is a driver for Uber and Lyft.  

On Wednesday night, he stopped to get gas before making more pickups.  

“I pulled up, I got out, set the pump, sat back down,” he recalled.  

He says that’s when 16-year-old David Mays approached him, told him to get out and give up his keys.

“At that moment, I decided that I would try to shut the door to try to put something between him and me,” Redden said.  

He says they wrestled with the door then, the suspect’s gun went off. 

The bullet went through his side and down his leg.  

“Will I have a limp when all of this is said and done?” Redden asked. “I’ve wondered if I will need the cane for the rest of my life.”  

Police are still searching for the 16-year-old suspect who Redden says he forgives. 

“I have no anger for what happened,” Redden said. “I pray that he finds his way.” 

The father of four says he doesn’t want to live in fear.  

Redden says while he wants justice, he believes the teen made a bad choice. 

“He probably needs help,” Redden said. “He needs to be somewhere other than on the street.”  

Redden says community support and help from other rideshare drivers has helped him through this difficult time. 

“I’ve got friends, family, and my faith to carry me on,” he said. 

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