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Residents frustrated by crime in East Nashville neighborhood

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - Last fall Kate Richard was thinking about safety. 

"I felt like if we lit up all of our porches it would just be a deterrent," Richard said while standing in front of her home.   

She lives on Straightway Avenue in East Nashville. Her concern was over a lack of lighting. She was proactive then, but today she's frustrated.   

"I don't think that anything has changed," she said.  

In early May, Richard's street erupted. Two people were shot. Neighbors reported hearing several dozen shots, some reports estimated between 50 and 100.  

A crime prevention group said they were told by officers shell casings used for semi-automatic rifles were found.    

"It just seems like this is the hub of crime, I don't know why," Richard said.    

Richard, like anyone, doesn't want her street known for a hub of crime. She and her neighbors want a change.  

"I don't like to say I'm scared of my own neighborhood, I don't want to live like that," she told News 2.  "I wouldn't take the dogs out for a walk after dark by myself. I think that that would just be asking for trouble."  

 The May shooting was a mere few houses down.  

She's dedicated a neighborhood watch page on Facebook, solely for Straightway Avenue.  

Richard also reached out to Metro police asking for help, and more patrols.  

She told News 2, the response was great, but Richard said she's not seeing what was promised and hasn't noticed a bigger police presence.  

"I think it's just frustrating is what it boils down to," she said.   

In a recent email to Richard Metro police assured her, "Extra patrols had been requested and officers working that district needed to make sure they were making frequent passes through."   

For Richard, she wants this to be enough. But the crime, even when isolated, is hard to ignore.  

"Again, the consistency and the proximity of these shootings is really concerning," she said.  

Police told News 2 the Straightway Avenue shooting appeared to be a targeted incident.   

Flex teams have focused on the area, and the department said it has dispatched zone cars to give that area extra patrols.        

There have been no arrests made related to the shooting.  

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