Portland police raid ‘nuisance’ home, find drugs and guns

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PORTLAND, Tenn. (WKRN) — Portland Police said they made drugs and weapons arrest at a house the police chief calls ‘a major nuisance’ in the community.

Police showed News 2 a list of violations associated with the home and its occupants that included: drugs, overdoses, dog bites, outstanding warrants, thefts, and shoplifting.

According to Lt. Jason Arnold, officers have responded to the home 25 times for this myriad of complaints.

Lt. Jason Arnold said, “It’s a public nuisance. It’s constant calls over there. Constant in and out over there. People wanted for warrants, drug sales, drug use, the neighbors are upset with it. It never ends over there.”

On May 8, police executed a Narcotics Search Warrant and raided the home on Russell Street.

Authorities said there were 12 people inside the residence on the day of the raid.

Lt. Jason Arnold called the home a Flop House. He said that is a term for a home where people come and go and buy and sell drugs and sometimes use drugs.

Police arrested four people in the raid.

Police said 48-year-old Jennifer Livingston was charged with drug paraphernalia and maintaining a dwelling for the use or sale of narcotics.

Police charged 41-year-old Willie Willis with possession of schedule 2 Meth and drug paraphernalia.

Police charged 25-year-old Kaitlynn Law, a pregnant woman, with Possession of Schedule 1, Heroin.

Authorities charged 29-year-old Nicholas Fowler with possession of schedule 1, Heroin and possession of a firearm during a drug felony.

Authorities seized a table load of contraband that includes, money, a long gun, a hand gun, meth and heroin.

According to police, Law is pregnant and detectives say during the raid, she was hiding the heroin on her person.

Lt. Jason Arnold said, “We were able to find the heroin because one of the pregnant females, inside the house, Kaitlynn Law, actually inserted it inside herself. She’s several months pregnant, so if that bag would have busted she would have killed herself and the baby.”

Police showed News 2 a list of incidents associated with the home.

Chief Jason Williams told News 2, during COVID-19 with more people at home, citizens are noticing more problems in neighborhoods, and his department is committed to cleaning up problem spots.

Chief Jason Williams said, “Our goal is to provide a comfortable environment for the law abiding citizens in our city. so if we have a situation like this, a house in the neighborhood that is a problem, we are going to adjust the problem.”

News 2 went to the home for reaction and were greeted by 3 people, 2 women and a man.

We begin talking to a woman who is cordial, but refutes the police allegations.

That’s when a young man in his 20’s exits the home. He too denies the police assertion that the residence is a nuisance. That’s when the people at the home told News 2 to leave.

As News 2 left, the man yelled, and said he wanted to know why News 2 came by and he said that the house is not a nuisance house again.

Before getting in the news vehicle to leave, News 2 offered the people another chance to tell their side of the story.

A man at teh house becomes angrier demanding News 2 leaves. News 2 left without further incident.

Chief Jason Williams had this message for the residents in the home.

“We seek to have a place that is comfortable for everyone to live in that wants to play by the rules of society. So play by the rules of society and you will love the police department. Otherwise you will probably not love the police department because we are seeking to improve the quality of life for people here who are law abiding.”

Four people have been arrested, but police said this investigation is still active and more action is possible.

Police said in addition to the legal system, city officials are exploring civil and other measures to stop the illicit activity.

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