NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – ‘Tis the season for porch theft as packages are being stolen all over town by grab-and-dash thieves.

Police told News 2 they are now turning to social media and leaning on the public for leads.

Early Friday morning, Jessica Douglas, who is accused of stealing a package in East Nashville, was arrested. Authorities said she was identified in a matter of hours, thanks to observant Facebook users.

This month alone, News 2 has covered multiple stories regarding packages disappearing off porches.

“Folks are working. Their packages are sitting on their porches all day long,” explained Sgt. Michael Fisher with Metro police. “Easy targets.”

As the holiday season approaches, police are looking to the public and taking surveillance videos of thieves in the act straight to neighborhood watch pages.

In the last week, Sgt. Fisher has turned to the East Nashville Facebook twice page for leads.

“That’s a captive audience of our immediate community,” said Fisher. “So let’s throw some of these video stills out and get the public’s response.”

It’s already paying off. His post on Tuesday led to the arrest of Douglas, who has since been charged with theft.

“The first one I posted, within just a few hours, I got responses back saying, ‘I know who that is,’” said Fisher. “It was faster than I thought it would be.”

The thief in his second post still remains on the run.

Police said they hope to continue teaming up with the public, using home surveillance videos and social media to catch these suspects in record time.

“That’s something we need, because nobody wants to live in a community where there’s officers on every corner, and when it comes to crime safety, and quality of life issues, we need the public’s health,” Fisher added. “It’s a lot more eyes watching out for each other, I think it can be a huge positive.”

Anyone with information on any crimes can contact our partners at Crime Stoppers at 615-74-CRIME.