Police: Trump, Jesus among names given by drunk man refusing to leave North Nashville park

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William Thrift

“Reno 911. Your Momma. Trump. Jesus.”

A drunk man shouted those words at a Metro officer when asked for identification Tuesday after refusing to leave a park near North Nashville, police said.

William Thrift, 33, was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and public intoxication.

Metro police responded to Hope Gardens Park, near Jefferson Street and 10th Avenue North, for a report of several males consuming alcoholic beverages.

An officer arrived and located four males drinking. When those males were asked to leave the park, police said one created a scene “by cussing and yelling to the point where home owners opened their doors and stood on their front porches.”

The officer asked Thrift for his name and said the suspect hurled insults and expletives at him and was placed under arrest, but began to resist and fight.

When back up arrived, the two officers were able to place Thrift in a patrol vehicle.

While the suspect was being booked into jail, police said he threatened officers and when asked for his name, he would give a different one each time: “Reno 911, Your Momma, Trump, Jesus.”

Thrift bonded out of jail Tuesday evening.

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