Police tackle passenger outside Nashville airport

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John Elkins

A “disorderly passenger” has been charged following an incident Tuesday afternoon that began at a gate inside Nashville International Airport and ended with the suspect tackled to the ground.

John Elkins, 44, was charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Police were called around 3 p.m. Tuesday to a gate at the airport for a report of an intoxicated passenger.

An officer said Elkins was “becoming irate with the airline personnel” and the officer noticed Elkins “had a strong odor of intoxicating beverages on his breath and spoke in a loud tone that attracted the attention of other passengers unnecessarily,” according to an arrest affidavit.

An officer said he asked Elkins repeatedly to lower his voice and stop swearing, but Elkins refused and was ordered to leave the airport property.

When Elkins was escorted to the front of the airport, officers said they told him walking was not an option due to a lack of sidewalks; however, police said Elkins refused to pay for a rideshare or taxi, then became combative and walked away, refusing to stop.

Officers tried to handcuff Elkins but said he kept pulling away and was eventually tackled to the ground and restrained.

Elkins was booked into the Metro jail and released Tuesday night on a $500 bond.

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