Police saturate Lebanon neighborhood to thwart crime

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LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) – After gunfire and violence erupted in one part of town, the Lebanon Police Department, working with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, is increasing patrols to crack down on crime and keep citizens safer.

It all boiled over the night of June 1 on East Market Street in Lebanon.
That’s where citizens reported hearing fights, screams, and bursts of gunfire.

The craziness awoke a young mother and her 2-year-old son, who hit the floor unsure of what was happening.

Clutching her little boy, the mother told News 2, “I was just in bed and I heard a bunch of loud gunshots going off. It is scary. It makes me want to move honestly.”

At the same time, 911 was being saturated with calls from frightened citizens.

One caller said, “I just heard a machine gun go off at the corner of Market and Owen. They have been loud and rowdy all friggin night.”

A second caller said, “Somebody, just shot in the air. they are shooting at this house. Lord Jesus, please help me I cannot do this.”

A third caller said, “There is gunfire and a lot of shots. We got down on the floor.”

A fourth said, “Yes ma’am. You need to send some officers over here fast. There’s women outside screaming and yelling. It sounds like someone is being beat to death like war broke loose. They’re screaming bloody murder and people running down the street.”

Police worked the case and arrested the alleged shooter.

According to a Lebanon Police Facebook post, the young man was Jiterrious Logue, now charged with six counts of Aggravated assault and a number of drug charges, including crack cocaine for sale and possession of oxycodone in a school zone.

Jiterrious Logue (Photo: Lebanon Police Department)

According to the post, the 18-year-old fired multiple rounds in the direction of people who were in the street fighting.

Law officers from both Wilson County and the LPD reportedly saturated the area and a few days later, drug investigators arrested 34-year-old Cameron Hastings on drug warrants

Cameron Hastings (Photo: Lebanon Police Department)

According to police; Hastings was taken into custody at the same East Market residence where Logue was arrested

When told of the police saturation, the young mom said it’s comforting.

“I think that is a good thing,” she said.

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