Police, parents outraged after camera found inside girl’s changing room at Franklin cheer studio

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FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — Disturbing and disgusting is how Franklin police describe a case where a hidden camera was found inside a changing and bathroom area at a gymnastics training facility.

Lt. Charles Warner said this investigation is going to take some time, as they are going through video footage trying to identify victims from Premier Athletics.

Some have already been notified.

“There have been some notifications gone out, we expect more to go out,” explained Warner.

Multiple victims were recorded on a GoPro camera, he explained. Management of the business discovered the hidden camera last Thursday. They said it was inside the girl’s bathroom and changing room, which is isolated to the cheer and gymnastics training facility.

“It was in a bathroom in a changing room, so obviously it’s a very private place. I mean there are girls, there are young girls in there changing clothes.”

Franklin police said the camera has been linked to an employee of the facility and charges are forthcoming, as they Continue to investigate in the field and at headquarters.

“There are a lot of worried parents out there and understandably so. As a police officer this case is disturbing, as a dad it’s disgusting. Obviously, there is a heinous crime that’s been committed. It’s impacted people’s lives and their privacy and there’s potentially embarrassing material out there. We’ve worked hard to secure that so it’s not out there and now we have to go through the tedious process of the girls that have been victimized so we make sure they are given the justice that they deserve,” said Warner.

Parents like John Woelk are outraged.

“Shocking, pissed, mad. I was just dumbfounded when I found out,” he told News 2. 

He said he received an email Monday night from Premier Athletics stating an employee no longer works for them and that a camera was found in the restroom.

“(I) wanted to get my rubber hose out and take care of business to be honest with you,” he said.

Franklin police said it’s hard to tell right now how long the camera may have been there.

“Even if it’s not my kid, it’s still a little kid. No child should have to go through that period,” stated Woelk.

The email from Premier Athletics explained that they do regular sweeps of the restroom.

“It’s just very unfortunate that it happened. It’s heartbreaking for the little girls,” said Woelk.

Franklin police said they will be notifying the parents of victims as they are identified. Pointing out that some have already been contacted, but that more are expected to follow. They have set up an email for anyone who may have questions or information on the case. You can email concern@franklintn.gov.

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