Police: Man hits pregnant woman in the stomach with drumstick

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Metro police say after hitting a man in the head with a bucket, Walter Williams hit a pregnant woman in the stomach with a drumstick.

Williams was arrested late Saturday night and charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

Officers were stopped by a person on Second Avenue North and told about a fight happening nearby.

After investigating, police say they found out Williams was asked for a cigarette by a street performer and when he was, became “irate.” Officers say he took their bucket and drumsticks.

According to his arrest affidavit, he swung the bucket at one of the victims, striking him in the head at such force it caused him “to be stunned for a few seconds.” Then, officers say Williams “pulled a drum stick out and swung,” hitting a pregnant woman in the stomach. She was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to be treated. 

Officers say after the victims got the bucket and drumsticks back, Williams walked away.

According to his arrest affidavit, when officers caught up with Williams he tried to run but was caught. Police say he pulled away from officers and did other things to resist arrest. 

Police say the victims positively identified Williams as the person who attacked them. 

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