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Police in Spring Hill, Columbia investigating string of smash-and-grab robberies

MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) - Detectives in Columbia and Spring Hill are on the lookout for a group of men using sledgehammers to break into local businesses. 

Columbia police posted a video from Monday, Oct. 1.  It shows two men breaking into the Pain and Spine Clinic on Trotwood Avenue.  

One of the men, sporting a goatee, smashed through the door with a sledgehammer. As he ducked through the door, he made a mistake and flashed his face to the camera.  

He went to the next door and began smashing away while his accomplice waited.  That man is wearing a bandana. 

There's a third guy, his face also covered. Police said he was the lookout. 

Once inside the waiting room, the men seemed to know right where to go, heading into the office  

They immediately began opening up cabinets. It doesn't take long before the man with the goatee found a small safe that he tucked under his arm like a football.  

They left the way they came and got in a light-colored car believed to be an Impala.  

“From the video, it looks like they were trying to find anything of value they could find, and it was the safe at the time, but it is unknown if they were looking for pills or anything else,” said Sgt. Orlando Cox of the Columbia Police Department.  

A few hours later, Spring Hill police reported a similar crime involving similar suspects and a similar car 

Video from a nearby business showed the suspects park near the Super Discount Tobacco store on McLemore Avenue.  

According to investigators, they smashed their way into the store and stole $350 worth of tobacco products, some of which they dropped as they ran back to their get-a-way car 

A short time later, the same men are believed to have traveled to the Sunshine Tobacco and Beer convenient store in Columbia. 

"They used a sledgehammer or object to get in, the alarm went off and it startled them, and they immediately left, and we believe it is the same person, same people," said Sgt. Cox.  

If you have any information on these crimes, contact Spring Hill and Columbia police. 

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