Police: DNA links illegal immigrant to at least 14 burglaries, thefts in Gallatin area

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A Mexican National deported twice before, is now the prime suspect in a series of crimes in Gallatin. He was identified by his own DNA.  

Police have identified the suspect as Israel Barrera-Garcia.  

Gallatin police called the 30-year-old their prime suspect in at least 14 burglaries and copper thefts across the city. 

According to investigators, Barrera-Garcia has been deported from the U.S. at least twice before, with the last contact coming in 2016 when the Department of Homeland Security detained him for deportation.  

“We know from DNA he is back in the country,” says Lt. Lamar Ballard of Gallatin police.  

After a rash of copper thefts last summer at homes under construction, Gallatin police got a break in the case. The suspect cut himself badly, leaving behind tools and pools of blood.  

The blood was sent to a private lab at no expense to taxpayers. 

“I’m pretty sure when he crimped the copper and trying to pull the copper off, he cut himself pretty bad. The testing is very expensive, about $1,500 per item, and we took that from our drug fund, from seizures and drug proceeds,” said Lt. Ballard.  

The lab returned the results of the DNA profile, that was then sent to the TBI, which came up with the name of Barrera-Garcia.  

“We are working with Homeland Security to find this individual right now. We don’t know where he is at. We do have active warrants for him, and we do know from DNA he is back in the country.” 

Police say the suspect has ties to Springfield. He also could be a suspect to other unsolved crimes in Gallatin and around Middle Tennessee.  

Barrera-Garcia has prior arrests for weapons, theft, and drugs. 

If you see him please call the Gallatin police.  

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