Police departments share information to take theft suspects off streets

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Two men are charged with stealing thousands in construction tools. Police in two cities says communication and teamwork lead to the arrest.

In fact, Commander Scott Ryan with Hendersonville Police told News 2, cooperation between law enforcement agencies is often the difference between solving a crime and bad guys continuing to prey on communities.

That was on full display on Monday when Hendersonville Police and Goodlettsville Police teamed up to take two alleged burglars off the street.

This story begins on June 18th. That’s when a video shows the two men, identified as 31-year-old Paul Jones of Nashville and 35-year-old Shane Pruitt of Goodlettsville, walking through a Saundersville Road parking lot toward a Hendersonville construction site.

Police say the duo load up a 2000’s model Ford Taurus Wagon and drive away with $7,000 of expensive construction equipment.

Hendersonville police are initially stumped as to who the bad guys are.

So the department puts out a BOLO to other police agencies to help share information about the crime.

“We in law enforcement have jurisdictional boundaries. And in the past, these jurisdictional boundaries were like walls, and we didn’t cross them,” explained Commander Scott Ryan. “The criminals are multi-jurisdictional these days and are crossing these lines. So we have to come up with ways to communicate and get the info out to surrounding agencies so BOLOs are one way to do that.”

On Monday, there’s a big break in the case as Goodlettsville Officer Hanna Poole spots the Ford Taurus near Logan’s Road House.

The vehicle is occupied by two women who know suspects Shane Pruitt and Paul Jones.

On body cam, you hear officer Poole talking to longtime Detective Les Carlisle.

“On Saturday, the Chief sent me the photos,” Poole said. “It looks like the exact same car and the exact same boys.”

That information leads officers from both Hendersonville and Goodlettsville to the local motel where the two men are staying.

On body cam, you can see the Goodlettsville officer slap cuffs on Paul Jones, who says “What’s this for?”

Once secured, the officer tells the suspects, “So here’s the deal. Another detective from another department wants to talk to you guys so they are in route.”

Thanks to the BOLO and agencies willing to share information, the two men are off the streets.

“Goodlettsville Police were awesome for us yesterday,” Commander Ryan said. “They actually rounded up the bad guys for us and handed it to us on a silver platter.”

Detectives tell News 2, the tools have all been pawned but authorities know where they are and will get the tools back for the victim.

Both men were charged with theft over $2,500 in connection with the Hendersonville theft. Goodlettsville police also charged the two men in connection with a theft at a car wash there a few days earlier.

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