Peeping tom targets South Nashville woman

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Surveillance video shows a man looking into a woman’s bedroom window for about 15 minutes while she was home.

Makenzie Stephens had just returned to her Kipling Drive home in South Nashville on Dec. 29 around 7:30 p.m.  

“After reviewing my surveillance cameras I saw that he did come down my driveway, jumped into my backyard and to the side of my house where he stayed for about 15 minutes.” 

Video surveillance shows the man walked up wearing a hooded sweatshirt, though he disguised himself further before peering in the window. 

“When he got to my window he had a full mask, he had like goggles or glasses or something because there was a glare, something around his neck and gloves,” Stephens explained. 

She says after staring in her bedroom window for an extended amount of time, even ducking and dodging neighbors, the man then went to the back of her house and placed a cinder block under her bathroom window to peek in. 

“I think he was looking, maybe looking at what I had or maybe looking at me.”

Around that time she let her dog go outside.

“I didn’t know that anybody was out there at the time and then I let my dog out and he found him in the backyard and not just maybe a couple of seconds later he ran down the street,” she said. 

Stephens credits her rescue dog Atticus for protecting her. 

“I definitely think my dog helped save my life. He always alerts me when anybody is near here. He is a good dog.” 

It wasn’t until Stephens reviewed the surveillance video that she realized how terrifying the encounter was.

“It was so creepy, it was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. You see these things in scary movies, but it takes on a whole new meaning when its your bedroom window.” 

Stephens has since added motion sensor lights to her yard, hung curtains, and repositioned her cameras. Her brother and father have also gone door to door in the neighborhood alerting others of the encounter.

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