Pandemic disrupting illegal drug supply to Middle Tennessee

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CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — While most Americans are worrying about social distancing, others are simply concerned about getting their next fix.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the shut down of the United States and Mexico border and that has dramatically reduced the amount of drugs flowing into this country.

Because of that, area drug agents say drug supplies into the u.s. have been destabilized.

Drug agents from Sumner to Maury tell News 2 that drugs like Cocaine and Meth are more expensive since the start of the pandemic.

One agent tells News 2 that while Meth is more expensive, it is still more plentiful than toilet paper since the corona virus.

But in Cheatham County, drug officers say, Heroin is becoming harder to find, and addicts are doing whatever they have to do to get their fix.

Thursday morning, a 66-year-old man overdosed. His family gave him four doses of Narcan prior to deputies arriving. Deputies gave the man a 5th dose of Narcan, reviving him.

Once up and alert, the man told investigators he traveled to an Exxon Station in Bordeaux and bought the drugs from a person he didn’t know.

The man said he thought he was buying heroin, but he admits, he is not sure what he took.

Detectives tell News 2 the short supply has forced addicts to take even greater risks when it comes to satisfying their high.

Lutinent Ken Miller of the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Dept says, “they’re having to buy it from wherever they can get it so their sources, they don’t know these people, they don’t trust these people, they’ve never bought from them before and these people don’t have that connection that relationship built over time selling to the same person, he doesn’t care what he is selling to that person, all he’s after is a buck.”

The man who overdosed was cited for drug paraphernalia. He has overdosed and been revived 3 times recently, according to Lt. Ken Miller.

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