The owner of one of the businesses padlocked in South Nashville Wednesday was arrested during the operation.  

According to officials, Metro police received an anonymous source that the Z-Mart on Lafayette Street would receive stolen items by buying them from people who stole them from other establishments.  

Police said a confidential informant went to the Z-Mart to sell them products they believed were stolen.  

The informant went to the store on six separate occasions:  

  • 11/28/17 

  • 12/01/17 

  • 12/06/17 

  • 01/24/18 

  • 01/31/18 (2) 

On each occasion, the informant sold various stolen items to the owner and other employees, including a Dyson vacuum cleaner, cartons of cigarettes, and cases of energy drinks.  

Police arrested the owner, Fahir Mohammed, during the padlocking operation on Wednesday. Mohammed had three outstanding theft warrants as a result of the undercover operations.  

His bond was set at $3,000.  

Metro police gave credit to Kroger’s Organized Retail Crime Unit for providing the products that were fronted as stolen.