Over 200 dogs safe after being rescued from ‘boneyard’ in Grundy County

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GRUNDY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – More than 200 animals are safe after being rescued from what advocates called a ‘boneyard’ in Grundy County.

“It was horrifying to know that someone would do this to these animals,” said Holly Petty with Lifehouse Animal Refuge and Rehabilitation, which is based in Mt. Juliet. “The Guardians of Rescue is an agency that’s actually in the business of trying to uncover things like this, or simply a rescue and we take in the animals.”

Their organization was able to take in a dozen of the animals including three more that were found days after the initial rescue last weekend.

“It’s been a several day… It wasn’t just a one time event to get them out. Many of them were outside running around; many of them were in the house so some of them had to be trapped,” Petty said. “Medically they had no care. They just were fed and that was basically it. They were filthy dirty. The puppies had feces just all over their fur, smashed to their feet. I mean, they were just in terrible condition.”

The Grundy County Sheriff’s Office said the dogs were being sold for profit. Margaret Allanson was arrested and charged with aggravated cruelty to animals. She was not prosecuted in 2012 when the sheriff was called for 100 dogs on the property.

“It lets you want to let the laws become stricter on these people,” said Petty.

While some of the animals still need urgent medical care, all of them were safe with rescue organizations, including Bear, Kaylie, and Patches.

“Any dog that comes in from any situation, we name them right away…that’s the first start – they get clean; they get vet care; they get a name,” Petty said.

She said most of the dozen animals her group received are in foster homes before ultimately being adopted.

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