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MAURY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) —Maury County is still reeling from a violent weekend that saw two people shot, one of those victims died.

Sources confirm to News 2 that the victim who died was not only shot, but his body set on fire inside a car.

Maury County investigators have stayed tight-lipped about the case revealing little about the two people charged in connection with the murder.

Anthony Sheffield Jr. and Destiny D. Baxter are both charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, and aggravated assault resulting in death.

While 35-year-old Anthony Sheffield has declined to talk to News 2 multiple times, Destiny Baxter agreed to talk from the Maury County Jail.

Cordan: Did you shoot anyone?
Baxter: No.
Cordan: Did you know anyone would get shot?
Baxter: No.

Wearing leg shackles and handcuffs, Baxter said she couldn’t discuss all aspects of the case but she did answer many questions about what she claims happened.

Baxter began by talking about what she called unexpected outburst of violence that exploded Friday, August 14, on Stone Brook Drive in Mt. Pleasant.

“It was not suppose to happen like that at all. It was not premeditated. It was not suppose to happen. This was not something that was planned. It was just a drug deal. that was it,” said Baxter.

Baxter said she contacted shooting victim Christopher C. Whittaker to set up a drug deal for crack. She said quickly after arriving it went bad.

Baxter is the mother of three children, two girls and a boy, ages 9, 8, and 6. The 26-year-old told News 2 that she came to the motel with 35-year-old Anthony Sheffield Jr.

Baxter said no sooner than she had gotten in the car with Christopher Whittaker, Sheffield began shooting.

“I got out of the car to go over there. As soon as I opened the door is when the shooting happened,” said Baxter.

Baxter said Sheffield shot Whittaker.

She described what that moment was like: “It was scary. It was one of the most scary things I’ve been in in my life. It was like something out of a movie. It was horrific.”

According to court documents obtained by News 2, Whittaker was shot. He survived and was being treated at a local hospital. His condition is currently unknown.

Whittaker’s father, Valton Glenn Harlan was also shot. Sources tell News 2 that Harlan was later found dead in a burned car.

“For the family of the victim, I feel extremely bad for them. Extremely bad. Extremely bad. Because this was not suppose to happen,” said Baxter, “This was not something that was planned, that was suppose to go down. This was not…like it was for nothing, for nothing at all, and I feel that nobody needed to lose their life for nothing at all.”

While Baxter admitted she was there, she blamed Sheffield for the shooting.

Sheffield is no stranger to violence.

On July 9, Spring Hill Police said Sheffield burst into a man’s home and shot him in the stomach. That victim survived and told News 2 that he worked with Sheffield and thought he was a good guy.

Spring Hill Police quickly arrested Sheffield charging him in connection with the home invasion. Sheffield made bond, and while awaiting court on those Spring Hill charges, allegedly shot two men, killing one.

“I feel terrible about it. I see it every night in my sleep,” said Baxter.

Baxter tells News 2 she regrets ever having met Sheffield.

“I don’t have a damn thing to say to him. Not S*** to say to him. He has me in this mess. Losing my kids I’m losing everything. I don’t have a damn thing to say to him and it will come out in court.”

To the family of the men who were shot, Baxter said, “Again I’m sorry this happened to him. I’m so sorry this happened to Chris and especially his father. My mother was killed as well, I know how this feels.”

News 2 asked Baxter what happened after the shooting, and why she stayed with Sheffield until deputies arrested the duo:

Cordan: Did you talk to Sheffield at all after the shooting?
Baxter: There was really… I was scared. I was scared. I couldn’t go to sleep that night. And, they arrested us the next day.
Cordan: But you were with him still?
Baxter: Uh huh
Cordan: So you didn’t call the cops and say, ‘hey, we have a problem?’

Baxter shook her head no.

Cordan: Maybe that’s a problem for you too, you didn’t call the cops?
Baxter: Yeah, that’s another problem.
Cordan: And then you went with him when you probably should have just stayed there?
Baxter: What was I supposed to do? It all happened so fast. There are more details you don’t know. There’s a whole lot more details you don’t know. And when you are in that situation, and you just seen someone shoot someone and kill someone, the next thing you’re thinking is that you are next.

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