Officers find guns, drugs and cash during raid of Hickman County ‘nuisance home’

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HICKMAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — SWAT teams raided a so-called ‘nuisance home’ finding thousands in cash, pounds of narcotics, and high-powered weapons.

Hickman County deputies arrested, yet again, a man previously associated with a criminal enterprise in the county. The latest case came together quickly, thanks to a quick-thinking deputy.

When Sergeant Jonathan Aydelott met the crime victims, they showed him a picture of a stolen oil lamp that someone stole from their property, took a picture of, and then placed it for sale on Facebook Marketplace.

“I recognized the door, that was in the photo and a portion of the wall and I knew where that lamp was in that house so we executed a search warrant on the residence,” said Sgt. Aydelott.

The Hickman County Special Response Team rolled up on the home of 36-year-old Dustin Lee Truett on Thursday evening. Deputies have raided the ‘nuisance home’ multiple times this year.

“We know he deals narcotics. Our narcotics guys constantly have information about him. We knew there would be a lot of narcotics at the house,” said Lt. Mike Doddo.

When officers arrived, they secured multiple people and found contraband including five long guns, one of which is reportedly stolen. Officers seized $34,000 in cash, four pounds of marijuana, and 3/4 of a pound of methamphetamine.

Officers tell News 2 that stolen items are often traded here for drugs.

“Every time we go to this house, we must use our Special Response Team because we know there are firearms in the house, and we know there are always multiple people in the house. So we don’t want to send three or four people up there, basically, because they are outgunned every time we go up there,” said Lt. Doddo.

Truett’s ‘nuisance home’ might be familiar to News 2 viewers. In June of this year, we told you about a similar raid, the result of an eight-month long investigation where deputies arrested Truett
while seizing drugs and weapons.

At the time Lt. Doddo, also instrumental in that raid, told us this: “He is your local drug dealer. He is where kids and adults go to get their narcotics. It’s one-stop shopping.”

And as far as Thursday’s raid, the result of recognizing a stolen oil lamp, Sgt. Jonathan Aydelott said it makes him feel good.

“Very good. This is a nuisance house in our community we get a lot of complaints on it. He has to be lucky every time, I only have to be lucky once and it was my turn the other day,” said Sgt. Aydelott.

Truett is currently being held on $210,000 bond. He is charged with five counts of felon in possession of a firearm, prohibited weapon, possession with intent to sell and deliver and other miscellaneous charges.

Also picked up in the raid was 31-year-old Megan Welcher. Deputies say she was in the home and she had a warrant for failure to appear and other warrants out of Fairview.

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