Fake drugs? Substance found in car from police auction confirmed not heroin

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MILLERSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — An investigation is underway to find out what was left in a car that was confiscated in a drug seizure out of Millersville. The substance was first thought to be two kilos of heroin and now investigators confirm that it wasn’t narcotics after all. 

Rick Joyner bought the car off of govdeals.com and picked it up Thursday from the Millersville Police Department.

When he got it home to Alabama and started cleaning the car out, he discovered something peculiar, a substance taped tightly in a Walmart bag. Joyner suspected it was drugs and contacted the Madison County, Alabama Sheriff’s Office.

A responding deputy, he said, estimated it to be two kilos of heroin.

“Probably worth over $300,000 sitting in a $500 car,” Joyner laughed. 

Millersville Police said the vehicle was seized in January 2019 after more than five pounds of cocaine was discovered in the car. Two suspects were arrested and the car was taken in by police. They say two officers took inventory on the vehicle, but didn’t find any additional narcotics.

The courts later rewarded the property to the police department who listed it on the state website govdeals.com and that’s where Joyner won the auction.

“It was full of junk and all kinds of stuff, and they were like, whatever is in there is yours,” Joyner explained. 

The Millersville City Manager released a statement to News 2 saying they must have overlooked the substance and later he sent a revised statement saying investigators with the Madison County Alabama Sheriff’s office no longer believe the substance to be narcotics after testing it.

The unknown substance was sent back to Millersville who sent it to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for further analysis.

Madison County, Alabama Sheriff’s Office tells News 2 that the substance isn’t drugs. Investigators believe the dealer who was pulled over was likely going to sell the substance as drugs and make money. Investigators say this is not uncommon for this to happen.

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