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NOLENSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Nolensville Police need the public’s help in finding a third suspect in a crime spree involving a high speed chase, an auto theft, multiple car burglaries, the recovery of a stolen hand gun and a narcotics seizure.

This crime spree happened the night of August 28th. Since that time, police say two suspects have been apprehended, but a third suspect seen on video is still wanted.

There were several victims in the early morning hours of August 28 in the Benington Community of Nolensville.

Several people reported burglars opening up car doors and stealing laptops, wallets and other valuables.

Brian and Margie Gadsey were also victimized.

The family’s surveillance footage shows a 19-year-old walking down the driveway, flashlight extended. The shadowy figure opens the family’s Infiniti car door, finds the key fob inside, starts the car and barrels out of the driveway.

Margie Gadsey noticed the car missing in the morning and thought her son had driven the car somewhere. But when her oldest son came downstairs and saw his car was gone, the family knew they had a major problem.

“He’s like ‘where’s my car and I’m like, oh no!'”

Brian Gadsey says he felt violated as he watched his own surveillance footage of the car being driven away.

“He wasn’t worried about anything. He came down the driveway, flashlight blaring and all at 3:30 a.m. He didn’t care.”

Mrs. Gadsey says her son had forgotten to lock the house doors that night and she is relieved the thieves only had cars on their minds.

“We were so lucky they were looking for cars, because it could have been us.”

According to Nolensville Police, the Infiniti was not reported as stolen until the next morning. However, around the same time other residents in the Benington Community had called police to report that a number of young people had been seen breaking into cars.

Police say one of those suspects is Tyler Alshemari and a get-a-way car driver now identified as Camren Martin, also 19

Home surveillance shows Camren Martin’s Honda CRV driving with the lights off as two other shadowy figures pull on door handles looking for cars to break into.

Police say the third suspect is not yet identified and they are hoping that someone in the public knows who that person is and gives them a call.

According to Nolensville Police, as officers responded to the car burglary calls, Williamson County Deputies reported encountering the Honda and the Infiniti driving at a high rate of speed.

Nolensville Officer William Ethridge quickly got behind the vehicles and turned on his emergency equipment.

Police showed News 2 the dash cam video, showing the Infiniti pull over for a moment. Nolensville Police Assistant Chief Michael Terns said officers didn’t know the Infiniti was stolen at that time, so the Nolensville officer focused his attention on the Honda, which accelerated northbound on Nolensville Road.

At one point, speeds reached 111 miles per hour.

The officer got the Honda’s license plate number and then disengaged.

Assistant Chief Michael Terns tells News 2 chasing the suspect for a property crime was not worth the possibility of causing a collision where someone could be seriously injured or killed.

Police say when Williamson County deputies tried to stop the Infiniti, it too fled at a high rate of speed and because of the danger, deputies also discontinued the chase.

Nolensville Police went back to the scene of the crime and checked the LPR camera that watched all cars coming and going into the Benington Community.

The Honda that sped away on Nolensville Road matches the license plate hit from the Gadsey’s neighborhood.

The information obtained in Nolensville was put out to all police agencies, and Metro Police quickly found the Honda and the Stolen Infiniti at an apartment complex in Nashville.

It was not long before both suspects are arrested in connection with the crimes.

According to Assistant Chief Michael Terns, when the teens were arrested officers found a stolen hand gun as well as mushrooms, THC and cocaine.

Margie Gadsey told News 2, “I didn’t know all that. That’s scary.”

Michael Terns added, “This case is from August, but we are still working it. We’re not going to let people come into our community and victimize the people living here and get away. We are going to find out who they are.”

If anyone has any information on the third suspect in this case, you are urged to contact Nolensville Police at 615-776-3640.

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