New video shows tasing arrest of Nashville man accused of killing his wife

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Metro man accused of stabbing his wife to death in a brutal attack faces a Nashville judge in a week.

It happened Oct. 19, 2019. That’s when Metro officers responded to a brutal domestic scene in South Nashville.

Home surveillance footage showed Metro police surrounding a pickup truck driven by accused killer Eric Lopez.

Police say the now 54-year-old man brutally stabbed his 41-year-old wife in the family’s driveway.

Maria Flor Salvador died from those injuries a few weeks later.

Metro Police Sgt. Terrence Demarest was not working that day, but his officers were.

“Domestics are the most dangerous call an officer can go on. We take a lot of steps of officer safety by sending multiple officers out to calls.”

Neighbors later told police, the couple had been engaged in an ongoing domestic fight for the previous two weeks.

“In this instance, we had already been through quite a bit with the subject trying to escape, ramming an officer’s car, ramming a citizen’s car,” said Sgt. Demarest.

According to police, Lopez stabbed himself inside his truck. Video showed him getting out and switching the knife from his left to right hand.

He then advanced toward officers, who backpedaled. Officers tased Lopez, who fell to the ground and was arrested without further incident.

“After all he had done, I think the ultimate goal was trying to get officers to shoot him, something we don’t want to do and fortunately we were able to use a taser to bring it to an end,” Sgt. Demarest says.

Lopez is currently in the Metro jail charged with murdering his wife. He is due back in court on Jan. 27.

Police say the attack took place at the family’s home while the couple’s four children were asleep inside.

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