Neighbors fighting back after rash of car burglaries in Hermitage neighborhood

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Ashley Jarman found her car with its trunk open and glove compartment rummaged through early Wednesday morning.  

“Seems like they went through here just real quick,” Jarman said.  

She lives on Trenton Drive in the Tulip Grove neighborhood where thieves broke into her car, stealing her wallet and cash left in her waitress uniform.  

“Very angry, upset,” she said. “I have a kid and bills to pay. That was money I worked hard for.”  

A few streets over on Dutchmans Court, Evans Martin caught thieves checking door handles on the cars in his driveway on surveillance video.  

It happened just before 2 a.m. that same morning. 

“You feel violated,” Martin said. “People are just going through your property.” 

“There were guys wandering down the street and going through all the cars.” 

The video shows one suspect rummaging through his son’s car which he admits was unlocked.  

Martin says it wasn’t the first time they were targeted. 

“My son came out one morning and there was a guy in his car,” Martin said. “And, he said, ‘don’t shoot me, I’m just looking for change,'” Martin said.  

From car break-ins to a drive-by shooting on Luxemburg Drive in January, some neighbors say there’s been an uptick in crime.  

They recently started organizing to keep watch. 

“Non-violent ways that we can keep an eye on things,” Martin said.  

He and others are part of the Tulip Grove Neighborhood Watch Group which Martin says was formed in January.  They urge homeowners to lock their doors and get security cameras.  

Martin installed eight cameras around his home within the past four months. 

“The cameras run constantly, so we see pretty much everything,” he said.  

They’re also working with the city to get more street lighting. 

“Let’s not make ourselves easy targets for these folks,” he said. 

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