Inside a home in North Nashville, a group of mothers share an experience. They share pain, and they share with each other because they have nowhere else to turn.  

“I just wish they would just put down the guns,” Catina Gooch said. 

“Put the guns down, put the guns down – it’s not worth it,” LaTonya Thomas added. “We have all lost a child, and it’s to gun violence.”  
They call themselves Mothers Over Murders. They embrace, console and meet twice a month.  

Gooch’s story is one these moms have heard too many times.   

“The doctor came in and he was like, he didn’t make it, he didn’t make it,” recalled Gooch. 

Her son Jonathan was killed in August 2017.
Gooch clearly remembers her reaction after learning from a doctor her son had been killed.  
“What? No. He’s just playing. Jonathan’s okay. He’s okay,” she said.  
Her tears and anguish put a face to the pain gun violence continues to cause. These moms must now visit their sons at cemeteries.    
“This is not supposed to be my life,” Stacy Hall, the group’s executive director, said. “My son is supposed to be here. My son was not supposed to be shot and left on the side of the road.” 
Their stories are their therapy in this close-knit group. But their hope is their experience will educate others that each death is no doubt needless, and completely avoidable.  

“You have loved ones you leave behind, it’s painful on both sides,” said Thomas, whose son was killed in February.  

“They’re all senseless deaths, they’re all unexpected,” Hall added. 
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