Mom helps police track down cell phone thief wearing giant bunny head

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A mother whose child needs a heart transplant helped local law enforcement track down her stolen cellphone containing vital medical information. 

And, in a weird twist, the man who reportedly took the phone was wearing a giant bunny head. 

“We always need prayers for Camdyn,” her mother, Christie Irvin told News 2. 

Christie Irvin is a strong woman. 

“I found out during pregnancy how sick she was,” she said, standing with Casey, the oldest of her four children. 

Christie shared a delightful pre-school photo of her youngest daughter, Camdyn, whose bright smile camouflages how sick the little girl truly is. 

“[She is] always happy and always smiling,” Irvin said.

Camdyn is four years old. She’s already had six open-heart surgeries and needs a heart transplant. She has a multitude of other physical problems as well. 

“She told me that when asleep, Jesus took her to heaven from her hospital bed up to God,” Irvin said. “She shouldn’t be here, because she should have died.”

On April 23, Christie Irvin was shopping at Walmart in Spring Hill. She forgot her cell phone in the buggy. 

“As I picked Camdyn up out of the buggy and her baby doll, and I had two bags, the phone was under my arm, and I dropped it back into the buggy,” she explained. 

However, that cellphone contained Camdyn’s medical history and contact information for her heart transplant — information that Irvin desperately needed to get back. 

“It is truly her lifeline, has all of her medical records, contact information for her doctors, and we are waiting for confirmation from the surgeon,” Irvin recalled. 

While waiting for the Spring Hill police, Christie sees another customer exit the store wearing a large bunny head. 

“It’s panic mode, but also it catches my eye and I’m thinking, ‘What is this guy thinking? It is 80 degrees outside and you are wearing a bunny head?'”

What she didn’t realize at the time, is that the man would later become a suspect in the case of her missing cellphone. 

Police identified the man under the bunny mask as Joshua Robertson of Marshall County. 

Police say the 32-year-old man reportedly found Christie’s phone — and instead of turning it into the store’s lost-and-found — pocketed it and walked out of the store after legally paying for discounted Easter candy and the bunny head. 

“So he saw me face-to-face with my child getting her out of the buggy,” Irvin said. 

With the help of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office and the Spring Hill Police Dept., Joshua Roberson is arrested for the crime. Christie also got her cellphone back. 

“I’m praying for him and his family and praying for the situation,” Irvin told News 2.”It was a simple act of kindness that could have saved a lot of heartaches and kept him out of jail.”

According to Irvin, the phone was turned off for a while that evening. She and her older daughter tracked it to the last known location and searched for it in the dark with flashlights — even crawling into a ditch to look for it — but were unsuccessful.  

The next morning, Irvin said, it turned on again and began pinging cell towers. This time the family enlisted the help of the Marshall Co. Sheriff’s Department. 

Using the Find My iPhone tracking system, Christie and her eldest daughter Casey went with deputies to Robertson’s home. 

“Look through the window of the car and found the Spring Hill Walmart receipt where he bought the bunny head,” Irving said, recalling the day she was able to get her cell phone back. “It still bothers me that he took the phone.”

News 2 obtained Spring Hill Police video showing Robertson’s arrest a few days later at his place of employment. 

Robertson is charged with theft under $1,000. He is currently out of jail on bond. Before this arrest, his criminal history was limited to a probation violation and driving on a suspended license. 

In the meantime, if you want to find out how to help little Camdyn, check out Andy Cordan’s Facebook page or click here to donate to a GoFundMe for her

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