‘Mom, get out!’ Antioch mother recalls moment her 15-year old son came face to face with burglar

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An Antioch woman is encouraging her neighbors to be on high alert after her son came face to face with a burglar in their home.

According to Metro police, officers responded to a break-in at the Boyd family home Wednesday night. The intruder was able to get inside after breaking the back window.

Tammi Boyd and her 15-year old son had just left their home to go out for dinner, when a couple of hours later the two returned home, not knowing someone else was already inside.

“He just came in and stopped right here, and he heard something,” explained Boyd. She says the night started out as it normally would. Her son had entered the home and had stopped in front of the steps when he came face to face with the masked intruder. He then quickly turned around, to go warn his mother.

“He just said ‘Mom get out! Get out; Get out!’ He saw a man coming down the steps and he told my son, ‘Get the f out of here,'” Boyd remembered. “He knew. He said ‘Mom get out. Do not come in here; do not come in here.'”

Metro police say the burglar ransacked the home before the family arrived.

Boyd told News 2 she thinks this is a wake-up call, proving that crime can happen anywhere at any time. She has lived in the same home for nearly 20 years and makes security a priority.

“He could of hurt both of us. He could have had a weapon. He could have taken me by myself,” said Boyd.

Boyd said she no longer feels safe in her own home, but she is hopeful by sharing her story, other residents will double-check their security systems. Boyd also tells News 2, she is thankful her son was there to possibly save her life.

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